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This is not my day job, thus, the name of Idyltime Productions. I love photography and have been exposed to the professional side of the business for 30+ years, having married a photographer, who knew the craft of the business better than most - from the creation of the image to producing fine prints. In addition to having an outlet for my creative side I have a wonderful moonlight way of making additional money to support my habit (photograpy - of course ) at a shoestring price for the client.
I also create professional slide shows, from photographs or negatives supplied by the client, photographic candids or portraits by me, and short video. Call 713.591.5101. I am located in Houston Texas. I also produce professional quality slide shows for business or personal. Slide shows can be prepared using email and uploading for viewing during the process and placed on several various formats, including DVD.
You can order quality prints from this site. Turnaround time is minimal, quicker than local retailers and at a better quality.